Monday, August 24, 2009

Only Wanna Be With You

Don't you just love to see daddies out with their children? There's something about a daddy and a baby that's heartwarming. I suppose it's because it's not the norm. Usually if you see a daddy he's part of a mommy and baby three or foursome.
I met a lovely dad with a beautiful 10-month old daughter today in the coffee shop. He asked me about local playgroups because he was looking for ways to socialize his little girl with other children. I searched my often useless brain and offered to forward him the UCFN's newsletter which includes playgroup listings.
I didn't think of it then and even if I had I wouldn't have spoken up - who am I to offer advice, except on my blog with only about eight people read - but at 10 months I don't think she needs to be interacting with other children yet. Sure she was interested in N and S, but mostly she wanted to check out their stroller and their snacks. She's happy, and lucky, just to have her daddy to play with.

song: Only Wanna Be With You • artist: Hootie & the Blowfish

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