Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(Just Like) Starting Over

Every night I pick up the living room. Note that picking up is different from cleaning. I never clean the living room. I'm too tired from picking it up.
I stack the wooden rainbow stacker, the plastic cups and the cardboard boxes (what I can find of them), I put the wooden puzzles back together: shapes, around the farm, under the sea, and the dump truck. I put all the soft blocks back inside the truck road way that folds up into a storage container when it's not in use. I put all the pieces of the noisy barnyard back inside the pack 'n play. I pick up all the match box cars which the twins shouldn't be playing with anyway. I put away any CDs s & n have wrangled out of the audio stand. This way, in the morning, they can deconstruct the living room all over again.
What if, every morning when they lurch into the living room, their first thought is, WTF! it's all been put away again! What kind of sick place is this? Every day we work hard on taking those things apart and every morning all our work is null and void. I thought today would be the day we would start learning calculus, but no, we have to start all over with the stacking cups, puzzles, and CDs.

song: (Just Like) Starting Over • artist: John Lennon

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