Saturday, July 21, 2012

Already Gone

H is mad at me because a half-dozen moths have drowned in the dish of water I keep in on the floor my room to submerge stray fleas in.
I said I was sorry but really - can I help it if moths have become collateral damage in my war on fleas?
Is it my fault moths are stupid?
None of the other insect species currently residing in my house (and there are lots) have succumb to the lure of the water bowl.
Good thing he doesn't know about the moth I accidentally sucked up in the vacuum cleaner this morning.

song: Already Gone • artist: the Eagles


mod mom beyond indiedom said...

Moths are SO stupid Joanne. I open the door or window and try to let them out, but they either sit there and do nothing or fly further into the house. It's like they're begging me to flatten them with my flip flop.

a.eye said...

I hate moths. Teach him how moths eat clothes and then maybe he will not feel so bad about them being stupid enough to drown in your dish.

Joanne said...

Agreed. Moths don't seem to be the brightest insect swarming around the light bulb. I noticed last night there was a dead one, not in the bowl of water, just near it. Like it flew over, saw the water, and just decided to give up.