Thursday, July 12, 2012

Send in the Clowns

C is over half way though Circus Skills camp and still he can't juggle!
When confronted, his defense was weak.
"But mom, I'm a lot better at the diabolo."
"The diabolo! Who cares about the diabolo? No one even knows what that is! What about me? What about my dream? My dream to have a son who juggles?"

song: Send in the Clowns • artist: Stephen Sondheim


Kathy said...

What is the diabolo? I bet that is a fun camp for kids.


Joanne said...

It's also called the Chinese yoyo. You spin it on a string that's tied between two sticks. You can do tricks by yourself or pass it back and forth to another person. I'm sure you'd recognize it if you saw it. It's cool but I really wanted him to learn to juggle! Waaah!

a.eye said...

Do you have to be a kid to attend the camp? That sounds like fun!

I love your dream, too!

Joanne said...

It looked like it was lots of fun - alas yes - you had to be under 12. No one is stopping you from learning on your own though. I'm hoping this is the summer I master the hula hoop!