Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't Bring Me Down

I've been trying harder to read other people's blogs which is difficult because I haven't often the time nor the inclination. Back when I had the chance I didn't much want to network in real time so now I don't much want to network on line.
But everyone likes comments and it take 'em to get 'em so I tried and the other day I noticed a mom-to-be posting about her pregnancy and she was vague but the post went something along the line of an apology and then the observation that she didn't want to be negative but sometimes things were hard.
It seemed weird to see her apologizing for posting something negative. She'd hardly said anything at all that really was negative - just slightly less than rosy.
I'm always being negative and using black humor, heck even my blog is black. Most mommy blogs contain polka-dot backgrounds and pastel colors and are more vibrant in appearance than my background which I suppose I could easily change except that I like black. I like stark. I don't want to offend either but I don't want to apologize for not appearing constantly Pollyannaish (does anyone even get references to Pollyanna any more?) I guess I don't have to worry, I mean I did after all call my blog The Mommy Rant, not Happy Mommy Musings or Up Up With Motherhood.
Which isn't to say it's never fun. It was fun yesterday putting on the play behind the couch and it was fun today laughing with C over our purchases at Windfall Market.

song: Don't Bring Me Down • artist: Electric Light Orchestra


Winnie said...

You crack me up. I remember Pollyanna (loved that movie as a kid!) The glad game etc.. Funny thing, I have only been blogging since March and everyone has been pleasant and friendly, and on my birthday I got my first nasty comment, and funny thing, my blog is a craft blog. No controversy, no politics, just cards and daily banter. I had to laugh that she picked that day to go nuts... Negative is one thing, but crazy and mean spirited is another. Keep doing what you are doing, it is your voice, and I know I enjoy it.

Joanne said...

Thanks for your nice comment Winnie. It's ridiculous that someone would post a negative comment on your beautiful blog! I had a heckler who would comment every now and then when I first started blogging and call me to task for some of my liberal leanings. All I could think was there's a million blogs out there friend - just stop reading mine!

a.eye said...

I like the black. I also like snark and things that aren't rosy all the time.

dbstevens said...

Your black is pretty. I love your style and wit and I think if you changed that? The world would be off-kilter. I would feel off-kilter, anyway.
I love your blog. I need to comment more.

Joanne said...

I'm moved by these comments - thank you. Very guilty of not commenting (or reading) enough other blogs.

Ann said...

I was definitely not the best at networking in the real world!

I do make some blog rounds and sometimes it feels like networking and other time I am entertained or learn something so that is cool.

I can see you why this other blog may not be a good fit for you ; )

Joanne said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for your comment! I was okay with the woman's post, I just felt that she shouldn't feel bad about posting something less than upbeat. I know I'm off the cuff and not always serious with my posts but I do think that when we have unreal expectations that things should always be rosy and then they're not it can lead to real depression.

Ann said...

That is why I am a firm believer reducing expectations!

Joanne said...

A good philosophy!