Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It was like the cranky mommy olympics at the beach this morning.
I might have been a contender but thankfully I didn't bring home the gold.
Here are some direct quotes from the medal winners:
"No! I will not dig a hole with you. I'm going in the water, just sit on that blanket."
"Of course your hands are sandy, it's the beach! Guess you're not getting any peanut-butter crackers then."
"Get your damn shoes and come in from the raft right now or I'll come out and get you and I promise you'll be embarrassed!"

song: Hot Hot Hot • artist: Buster Poindexter


Ann said...

Oh dear! Did you get the thunder storm that we got in Yarmouth this evening? Hopefully it cooled all the tempers too ; )

Joanne said...

There was thunder in the distance but it barely rained! In fact the power went out for two hours which made things worse because of course all my fans shut off. But I did win a game of Battleship against my nine year old and then we all got in reading two chapters of Huck Finn out loud before the power came back on and I had to go back to making dinner.