Monday, April 03, 2017

A is for Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (or Alexander III of Macedon as his creditors referred to him) was only 32 when he died in June of 323 BC and still he managed to amass through the use of brute force one of the largest empires of the ancient world. I, at age 49, can barely get my kids to brush their teeth at night.


The Silver Fox said...

Now, living for the moment is a recipe for disaster, but living IN the moment adds depth to each second.

If you really manage 26 entries of people who've accomplished more than you by the time they reached your age, I hope your blogging doesn't end up depressing you.

The Silver Fox said...

Oh, darn. I think I copied and pasted the wrong quote in my other comment on this post. It was supposed to start out saying something about how I missed all the A posts on Saturday but I'm trying to do two posts on everyone's blog today.

Joanne said...

Don't worry, self deprecating humor is my specialty. And besides, sure Blackbeard pillaged the seven seas, but I've no doubt he'd be brought to his knees if he had to spend a weekend dealing with my four kids.

Lynda Dietz said...

I always kind of thought Alexander the Great sounded like a spoiled brat. I mean, really, "Oh, boo hoo, there are no more worlds to conquer." I'll bet no one else was sad about that one.

I just found your blog on "E" day so I'll try to keep up, though I may not be able to comment every day. The theme sounds interesting! And if you have four kids, then accomplishing anything at any age is a bonus.