Monday, April 03, 2017

A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal

It’s always a sobering thought when you realize that you’re older now that most of the people you thought were old when you were a kid. Well, maybe not “old” perhaps - it didn’t strike me that my English teacher Mr. Cali was old - just mature. I mean the man worked a full week at the high school and then sold toilets at Sears on the weekends. That's maturity for you.
At age 49 and in need of an A to Z theme - I’ve decided to combine the two and create a list of people who accomplished more with their lives, for better or worse, in less time that I have. Maybe next year I’ll get off a list of 26 people who didn’t do anything for the first 50 years but then made up for it. There's still hope. And there's always Sears.

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