Friday, April 14, 2017

K is for Kennedy

Pretty sure I’ve outlived half the Kennedy clan.
Joe Kennedy Jr., died at 29 in 1944.
Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy was 28 when she died in 1948.
John F. Kennedy was 46 when he was assassinated in 1963
and Robert Kennedy was 42 when he was killed in 1968.
My favorite quote from JFK, the one that seems most relevant today is, “we enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of thought.”


Joanne said...

Hi Silver Fox,
I somehow hit the wrong button and rejected your comment instead of publishing it! Dang!
I actually wrote that quote down when we were watching the introductory movie at the JFK Library and Museum. It couldn't help but jump out.

Joanne said...

ps. Thanks for continuing to check it! Seems like I am always one day behind the challenge letter!

The Silver Fox said...

Well, at least you got to read my comment.