Saturday, August 26, 2006

Everything's Coming Up Roses

After dinner my younger son likes to stick his entire fist down his throat until he throws up. At his 15-month check up, after the the car alarm incident,, I asked the doctor if this was normal. The consensus was that while it ain't exactly normal, he's probably not bulimic. It's one those behaviors you should try not to make a big deal out of because that will only encourage him to keep doing it. It's difficult though, to ignore someone regurgitating their entire dinner, not to mention the cracks from my husband about how my cooking is driving him to it.
So, during the post-dinner clean up, when it's helpful to leave said son in his high chair and not have him toddling underfoot, we've taken to putting socks, sometimes more than one, over each of this hands. I'll start with a small sock, one that belongs to his older brother and then follow it with one of his dad's socks.
As it turns out, having socks on ones hands is funny even to a toddler and always gets him laughing. It doesn't take him very long to cast them off and then wave his hands around gleefully until someone puts them back on, but it seems to take his mind off trying to make himself throw up long enough to load up the dishwasher.

song: Everything's Coming Up Roses • musical: Gypsy

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