Monday, August 07, 2006

Waiting in Vain

I entered my quilt in the Barnstable County Fair. You remember the fair? The one I didn't want to actually go to? Yet I was okay with lugging my quilt down before the fair opened for judging. It seems vain I know, but I figured I'd spent seven years making it, and if Ken's going to take our son to the fair, the least I can do is enter something in order to get him a free admission ticket.
The quilt came in 3rd. I was kinda disappointed, like they should judge the quilts on the amount of years they took to make and not on the actual quality of the finished product. If I get my other quilt done maybe I'll enter it next year. Maybe there's some other type of contest I can enter, the contest for people who never manage to finish projects. I'd be in good company, there are a lot of famous procrastinators - like Gaudi who died in 1926. His church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still not finished. And Korczak Kiolkowski who started the giant sculpture of Crazy Horse in South Dakota in 1948. He died in 1982 and his wife is still overseeing construction 24 years later. That's love for you. As if she didn't have any projects of her own that needed finishing.

song: Waiting in Vain • artist: Bob Marley

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