Friday, August 11, 2006

Ring My Bell

We were at the pediatricians on Wednesday for the baby's 15-month well-baby visit. After the weighing and the measuring were over we were all waiting for the doctor to come in and my older son had his younger brother completely hyped up so in order to keep him from jumping off the exam table I gave him the one thing that all babies long to play with - the car keys. It worked well for a few minutes. We were in an exam room with the door closed mind you, and not a room in the front of the building, one of the ones in back. So of course my son activated our car alarm. Luckily my husband was with us, he and my older son went outside, past the reception desk where they were announcing "it's a green Subaru" to the waiting room full of people, to try and turn it off. It seemed to take an eternity but finally all was quiet. The irony of course is that many times I've stood directly in front of my car trying to activate the door unlock to little avail, so how is it that it worked through several walls and two closed doors?

song: Ring My Bell • artist: Anita Ward

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