Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stormy Weather

Where did the phrase "sleeping like a baby" originate? Conjuring up images of adorable cherubs sleeping under handmade quilts is misleading at best. Presently my youngest son is upstairs asleep with his little face pressed up against the slats of the crib like a prisoner dreaming of a jailbreak. Sometimes I peek in to see limbs protruding from the crib like the paws of impounded pets. In Maine we put him to sleep on blankets on the floor, by the morning he had practically rolled under the bed.
His older brother is asleep in the middle of his bed but by morning he'll be facing entirely in the other direction, often times with his legs completely dangling off the side of the bed. Sometimes he foregoes the bed entirely and sleeps on the floor.
On the other hand, they both slept through every major thunderstorm this summer. Storms that woke me up and had me lying in bed convinced I'm be hearing from the at any minute. It's ironic because on regular nights I'm leery of flushing the toilet or using my electric toothbrush for fear of waking them.

Song: Stormy Weather • artist: Billie Holiday

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