Monday, February 19, 2007

Nothing Happened Today

Some people probably wonder what stay-at-home moms do all day. Here's a glimpse from last week.
3PM: Post blog entry written last night.
3:05: Get C more glue for special valentine project.
3:09: Decide to make pasta and chick peas for dinner.
3:15: Run dishwasher, negating energy karma points earned by hanging out laundry earlier in the day.
3:15: Make mental note that we have three bunches of bananas hanging in laundry room. Will need to make banana bread this week.
3:20: Get more glue and toothpicks for special valentine
3:30: Explain to C why "shut up" isn't a polite phrase.
3:35: E-mail free lance writers regarding story that won't be running in upcoming supplement and address request.
4:00: Play checkers with C.
4:10: H wakes up from nap. Change stinky diaper
4:30: Win checker game.
4:31: Start second game of checkers.
4:40: C excused to the bathroom, takes H with him.
4:50: Win second game of checkers by default, H distracted by wanting to play with his penny whistle.
4:50: Feed cat.
4:55: Get out mop. Water on the floor courtesy of H.
5:00: Empty dishwasher. Cajole C into putting away the silverware.
5:10: Put in book on tape: The Smallest Cow in the World.
5:15: Play catch with H.
5:25: Get out mop. More water on the floor courtesy of H.
5:27: Notice that broom is in the living room. Return it to laundry room.
5:30: Call Judi and offer to pick her up for book club.

song: Nothing Happened Today • artist: The Boomtown Rats

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