Thursday, February 15, 2007

Only the Good Die Young

Logan's Run. I was just thinking about that movie the other day. I wasn't thinking about it a lot, mind you. Not as much as I think about Peter and the Wolf or what's for dinner. It was more along the lines of, "I wonder why they never show Logan's Run on AMC? It's equally as good a movie as Scarface." And then, voila! it's going to be on TCM tomorrow night at 9:15!
I remember watching Logan's Run on more than on occasion with my cousins, Christine, Karen, and Maureen. It was probably in the late 70s, maybe as late as 1980. I would have been ten or twelve, that seems about right. There we all were watching a movie about people who, "could have anything - except their 30th birthday," back when being 30 was an eternity away. We were probably all thinking, "death at 30 - what's the big deal? They led a full life. Who wants to live to be older than 30 anyway?"

song: Only the Good Die Young • artist: Billy Joel

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Anonymous said...

I guess I left my thoughts in the wrong place...

The movie "the Graduate " was a few years earlier that people could understand too. Or my all time favorite was ' Johnthon Livingston Seagull' One who understands that life is not what we are suppose to do but what we make of it! We can be what ever we want Life after 30!! Only the good die young maybe Elvis thought that?