Saturday, February 17, 2007

You Win Again

Friday morning my son was up and downstairs before me. He had breakfast with Ken and was ready to go the minute I arrived on the scene.
"What to play Trouble?"
"Mommy's going to make a cup of tea and have something to eat first."
"Who's going to play with me?"
"Maybe you could play with your stuffed animals."
"I want to play with a real person."
Finally he decided he could play Trouble in the living room with Eco - his stuffed turtle, which was great except he kept giving me play by play of the game, yelling things like "Eco rolled a six!" and "I sent Eco home!" and on and on. This made me feel: a) annoyed because it distracted me from reading the paper, and at the same time, b) guilty for not playing with him in the first place.
At least he ended up beating Eco.

song: You Win Again • artist: The Bee Gees

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