Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Having My Baby

We rented the movie Possession the other night. I don't recommend it even though it did star Gweneth Paltrow. The plot included a Victorian couple having a love affair who spend one night together and, surprise, have a baby.
I find the plot device of the one night stand resulting in pregnancy unimaginative, and, if my reproductive history included problems conceiving, I'd find it completely annoying if not downright depressing. I realize of course it can happen, but in movies it happens all the time.
You would think there would be some backlash but I haven't heard of any.
The one night stand resulting in pregnancy cuts across all movie genres. Off the top of my head in addition to Possession recent movies include Saved, (teenage angst/coming of age), Cold Mountain, which I know was a book first, even novelists can't resist (historical fiction), Knocked Up, which I did not see but I'm guessing the couple weren't in any sort of long-term relationship (comedy).
Meanwhile, back at what's become my weekly doctor appointments, everyone is always congratulating me and telling me what a great job I'm doing - as if I'm doing anything aside from having the common sense not to run a marathon or take up karate while eight-months pregnant with twins. It's a real ego boost. I was thinking before that it seemed to be my mission in life to give birth to boys - and lots of 'em, but now that's been confirmed by an MD. At Tuesday's appointment I was told my weight was perfect, my measurements were perfect, my blood pressure was perfect, the babies movements were perfect - hell, even my urine sample was perfect. I am the perfect person to carry twins. I always wanted to be perfect in something so I guess this is it. Though it's kind of a disappointment if you want to know the truth.

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Anonymous said...

You also have Juno, which is currently out. :-)

Joanne said...

Juno did cross my mind. I haven't seen it but I know the plot. But then I thought, sarcastic teenage character created by stripper turned screen writer, she probably had sex more than once.

Angelina Baker said...

August Rush was also a one-night stand movie, one in which they didn't say much more than hello or even rumple their clothes.

Enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

I agree the movie was not so great. However it was a novel first and despite the implausibility of the one night stand/pregnancy part is a rich, many layered, wonderful and intelligent book! I didn't see the movie for a long time because the book was that good.

Joanne said...

Cold Mountain right? I loved Cold Mountain when I read it - just not the ending.