Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wind energy quatrain

The wind farm
will not harm.
We should rejoice
in this choice.


Tom Gray said...

I like it! Thanks for the kind words.

Tom Gray
Director of Communications
American Wind Energy Association

Kelly - Medford said...

I totally agree!
Our highlight going over the Bourne bridge is seeing the windmills on both sides. My son loves them.

They shouldn't be thought of as ugly and we should embrace wind energy.

Kelly - Medford

btw: on sat when looking at Mass Maritine's windmill we noticed the RR bridge was down. It was the 3rd time in my 38 years that I've seen that bridge lowered. My son was thrilled.

Joanne said...

Hi Kelly,
That's pretty lucky. I think I've seen the train bridge lowered one time in my entire life (that I can remember). I e-mailed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers once to actually ask them the approximate time when the railroad bridge gets lowered - my sons would be thrilled to see it too - the man was very nice but said he couldn't say for sure as it depended on the amount of trash that got collected on a particular day. He did say that in the summer the dinner train goes over the railroad bridge on Fridays between 7:30 and 8PM (closer to 8PM). So keep that in mind when you visit in July!