Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Still Standing

Last fall I assumed that by this time I'd be stuck on bed rest, or worse, have delivered prematurely and be dividing my time between C and H and some neonatal unit somewhere. Christmas shopping was finished early and I wrapped as I went along; but here it is, January, and I'm still here. I even had time to read the January book club pick. Since finishing, I checked two books of short stories out of the library, at first thinking - who am I kidding, as if I've got time to read anything else; but then reconsidering. There may not be time for an entire novel, but maybe there's still time to get in a few short stories. This line of thinking has crossed over to the way I drive the car. We still haven't bought that shiny used minivan but any night now I expect Ken to take the Subaru down to the Toyota dealership and trade it in. Consequently I see no reason to fill the tank and give the car dealership extra gas as a perk.
If a novel is the equivalent of filling it up, then I've taken to driving around with little more than an Alice Munro New Yorker piece in the tank.

song: I'm Still Standing • artist: Elton John

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