Sunday, November 02, 2008

belated clerihew for lyle

Lyle Lovett, birthday man,
sings a song like no one can.
A gift for him I'd buy if only,
I had a boat, or else a pony.


Kelly B said...

i love it. funny how you know when his birthday is, i love his music and have seen him perform more than a dozen times. Love when he has Francine Reed on tour, boy that lady can sing.

kelly b - medford.

Joanne said...

We've seen Lyle a bunch of times too - back before kids. It's almost uncomfortable to see him at the Melody Tent, you sit so close to the stage you really feel like your staring at him. I love to see them get his Large Band up on that little stage.

Kelly B said...

Yeah I agree, that band is huge and it looks like if the stage spun too fast they would all topple off of it. ;-)

unfortunately my husband is not a lyle fan - but my mom is.