Monday, November 24, 2008

Get Back

On Saturday's news it was reported that the day's temperature (low 30s, high 20s) was more like day in January than a day in November. November, January, what's the difference I say.
Everyone feels cheated when the weather is colder than normal but we're all perfectly content to get away with it when temperatures are above average. A 55-degree day in November is Indian Summer; a 25-degree day is an affront.
It's like the check out line at the supermarket. We're outraged to discern that we've been short changed, but who returns the surplus when their change includes an extra $1?
Rest assured, it will all equal out in the end. For every 60-degree day in November we'll have to pay with a 40-degree day in May.
Back when I worked at the supermarket there was a night when my drawer was $100 short. The front-end manager stood up for me and assured the store manager that I didn't steal it thereby sparing me of a suspension or pay dock or some such consequence. The two of them concluded that I must have had money bundled for pick up and somebody stole a bundle when I wasn't looking. Strangely enough, over the course of the next month, my drawer was $20 over at the end of every week until I had made back the $100.
I don't know how it happened, it wasn't a conscious effort on my part to pilfer money from customers. No one ever complained that I'd stiffed them though I must have short changed a large number of people.
It was a freak accident. Like a snowstorm in July.

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