Saturday, November 01, 2008

Double Vision

Before I knew I was having twins, twins weren't even on my radar. Tthe only twins I knew were Ann and Judy from high school and maybe the Billings brothers. Were they twins? They kind of looked alike and they were both in the same grade.
But now, it seems that everyone I meet has a twin connection. It's like when you meet someone from Canada and you have to tell them that you have relatives in Nova Scotia or when you meet another Simmons College alumna.
I feel like I'm trying to be Kitty Baker but here's a portion of the ever growing list of twin associations I've made in the past 18 months
-My wonderful co-workers: Esther, who is a twin, and Mary, who is the mother of twins
-Michelle at the toy store whose twin brother Michael used to be my coworker
The husband of the grandmotherly woman we met at the toy store
-The fabulous Chef Ralph who has a twin brother who is no doubt equally fabulous
-The bank teller's mother who told me that her mother and her aunt would frequently pick out the same birthday card to send each other
-The assistant at the elementary school preschool who has twins and also has observed that once you have twins, twins are everywhere.
-William's mom
-Two of the nurses in the maternity department are mothers of twins as is one of the sales clerks at Cold Water Creek
-The McCusker sisters who aren't twins but are both the mothers of twins
-Half Way's mom
-The mom I met in the the children's museum who is president of her local Mothers of Twins club back home in California
-The owners of Cape Cod Kite who have twin sons
-Grant at community gardens who has a twin brother named Gordon
-The anesthesiologist at Children's Hospital who has twin sons that are 15 years old
-The sale clerk at Mahoney's whose sister gave birth (with her husband's assistance) to twins on the side of the road in two different towns
-Emily, who is the person I can least likely see (besides myself) as the mother of twins
-Doug's distant relations who live on a distant island and speak their own language
-Creator of Ramona the Brave and Runaway Ralph, Beverly Clearly is the mother of twins
-and finally: The guy who shouted, "I was one of those!" at me as I was pushing the double stroller down the hill from Highfield Hall

song: Double Vision • artist: Foreigner

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