Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Wishes

The paper's been collecting "wishes for the new year" from area school children for publication in the holiday gift guide. I'm not done typing them up yet but early polls indicate that the number one wish of elementary school children on the Upper Cape is that people would stop littering. It's akin to dating services where everyone professes to loving long walks on the beach. I'm pretty sure even singles in Kansas love long walks on the beach. Even when it's not their first wish the kids will include littering as an afterthought - world peace and that people would stop littering. End of the Iraq war and that people would stop littering. A plasma tv for my room, my own cell phone, an iPod, and, for people to stop littering.
Come to think of it that's my wish for the new year too.
Excuse me while I go take a long walk on the beach now...

song: Christmas Wishes • artist: Anne Murray


Ann's Rants said...

Ok, I'm too chatty this morning, BUT my son remarked to his friend about our "cool basement light that is always on" and his friend responded "That's a waste of energy". Oh, they are 4 and 6 years old.

Joanne said...

Yeah well, I'll bet that kid sleeps with his closet light on. My big boys both do (ages 3 and 6). They are compact fluorescent bulbs at least so I'm alleviated of some guilt.