Saturday, November 08, 2008

Seven Words You Can't Say On The Radio

"Da bus! Da bus!" H greets the afternoon bus with the same enthusiasm that Tattoo used to announce the Fantasy Island plane. He's also getting more clever with his potty talk. Like the Renaissance masters who got circumvented taboo surrounding the drawing of nude women by drawing nude "biblical" women like Bathsheba at her Bath, he's figured out that if he can work the potty talk into conversation then it's more acceptable.
Yesterday when Ken came home he went upstairs as per usual to change his clothes.
H followed. "Why are you taking off your pants, daddy? Did you pee pee in them?"
Pretty soon he'll be taking up fishing just so he can request a subscription to Crappie World.

monologue: Seven Words You Can't Say On The Radio • artist: George Carlin

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