Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NaBloPoMo 12/14

With the prompt, gift, it seems natural to contemplate one's childhood and reminisce about a favorite Christmas present. Only trouble is I can't think of one.
There was this Tuesday Taylor doll, sort of a large version of Barbie. What I liked most was that my mom made her clothes. Sometimes she made the out of remnents from clothes she'd made me so Tuesday and I matched. I also remember being pretty excited about the Barbie camper one Christmas. But other than that, what I remember about Christmas is decorating the tree, having shrimp for dinner on Christmas Day, the long wait before opening gifts while my Dad went to mass, years when my Lexington cousins came to visit, putting those wax-like bricks in the fire that made the flames turn color, those bumpy pillar candles we had, one of Mary, Joseph and Jesus and the other of the wise men, and lastly those birds that looked like test-tubes with water in the bottom that would dunk their beaks into your drink - boy did I think those were cool.
Kinda puts it all into perspective as I contemplate whether or not to by more stuff for my kids. What they need isn't more gifts. It's more kitsch.

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mauishopgirl said...

My favorite gifts were always from one of my aunties, not the folks. My cousin was one year older than I and was always one of those effortlessly cool kids so her influence got me the good stuff.

I agree...the traditions and decorations is what I remember the most The red and green christmas candles my mom made herself, the fancy ornaments she also made and the night before we all sat around and got to select one gift to open before we went to bed.