Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NaBloPoMo 12/21

All the e-mail advertising promise that it's not too late - you could still get your gifts in time for Christmas, just order by midnight tonight, noon tomorrow, 8 PM on Thursday, expedited shipping, next day air… When is it too late? Pay extra shipping equal to twice the value of the gift and they'll show up in person and hand it to your loved one on Sunday morning.
The subject line in the e-mail ad for viagra and cialis reads "Christmas is Coming!"
Clever right? Christmas is coming and maybe you could be too.
Except that further down in my spam folder there's an ad for luxury replica watches and their subject line is also "Christmas is Coming!"
The viagra and cialis ship in one-to-four days.
It's not too late!


mauishopgirl said...

Being that I'm in Hawaii I assumed it was too late several weeks ago :-)

That's why I did all my shopping this year local...locally designed, grown, made or recorded.

Really decreased my stress level. Did a lower budget, shopped one or two craft fairs. Didn't enter a big box, even once.

Joanne said...

We were able to buy mostly locally too, I'm just astounded by the flood of e-mails and catalogs still coming in. Enough is enough already!