Tuesday, December 06, 2011

NaBloPoMo 12/6

To the best of my knowledge no one has complained about this year's holiday gift guide. It might be a first.
You would think that the holiday gift guide would be the least controversial supplement and yet there's always something. Once I got complaints that one town on the Upper Cape wasn't featured enough. Once someone commented that there wasn't enough mention of Hanukkah. Once a woman left a long rambling message about how we featured Hanukkah too much, and Christmas not enough. There have been complaints about shops not featured and credit not given, events not listed and facts not checked.
Once someone complained that the supplement features were all about encouraging people to buy stuff and not about the true spirit of Christmas. Undoubtably they weren't paying attention on the cover - where it says, in large print, Holiday GIFT GUIDE, because that's what the supplement is folks - a guide to gifts. No hidden agendas here people.


mauishopgirl said...

Oh boy...I'm a frequent reader of apartment therapy and I'm always amazed at how the most innocuous post will turn into a huge nasty argument so I can only imagine.

With my own gift guides I did think about Hanukkah but in Hawaii, there isn't a big Jewish population, so I honestly know nothing about the traditions, what's appropriate, etc. Since my blog is generally about things I love, I decided to not worry about it, rather than try to write about something I'm clueless about.

Joanne said...

The paper puts out other supplements, home improvement, back to school, a pet supplement, etc., so it's funny that the gift guide, which is really just an attempt to coax people into shopping locally, is the one to get complaints. I think that people just feel very strongly about the holidays.
Thanks for your comment!