Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have learned all sorts of fascinating things as a result of having kids. Who needs a liberal arts degree? Just have children. Why just recently I learned that owls can turn rotate their heads 270 degrees. Woah!
I know how much salt it takes to float an egg in a glass of water and how to make a lightbulb light using a D battery and a piece of tin foil. I learned that male box turtles have red eyes and females have yellow eyes and my life is richer because I now know about Balto the sled dog and Andre the seal.
But there is some misinformation out there folks.
Contrary to what you might have learned from the Bee Movie, male honey bees (drones) do not have voices like Jerry Seinfeld, and are heavier, hairier, and have bigger eyes than worker bees (females). Their only purpose around the hive is for reproduction and they have no stinger.
Sorry. Just wanted to set the record straight.
No soup for you.

song: Honey • artist: Bobby Goldsboro


Larissa Tenorio said...

I can relate to this.
I have no kids of my own, except for a little brother. Little in that he is ten years old and in that, "Did you know" phase. I made the "mistake" of getting him a National Geographic Kid's Alamanac for Christmas, oh boy.

"Did you know that a cow was sold in Canada for 1.2 million dollars?" "Did you know that in England there's this perfume that smells like cheese?"

I grow wiser every day.

Kathy said...

WOW, I didn't know about the male bees not having stingers. Very interesting!!


christyb said...

That's way cool that the female bees have the stingers! Watch out guys!lol

Joanne said...

I wasn't aware of the lack of stinger either (seems sort of emasculating) though I wasn't surprised about bigger and hairier!

Anonymous said...

Through our love of children we can learn allot. Did them be free to learn some of the life lessons on their own. That is the best we can do for them!