Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Just a Fantasy

Yes, that was me. I was the mom in Marshalls today who carried her four-year old, mid-tantrum, out of the store with his twin brother gimping along behind.
Then I had to chase him back in after putting him down next to the car to fish keys out of my pocket (stupid automatic doors), and pick him up all over again.
Why was he mad? Because I would not buy him shoes that were too small.
Why was I mad? Because I was plum out of parenting tricks.
I tried reasoning: "those shoes don't fit, we tried them on your feet two times."
I tried choice: "you can put those shoes back and have these shoes," "you can put those shoes back or we can leave."
I tried distraction: "let's go look at the socks instead."
Wait. Damn it. I forgot to try fantasy: "I wish we could shrink your feet back down to a size 9." "I wish we could by 100 pairs of these shoes." "I wish I were in Tahiti."

song: It's Just A Fantasy • artist: Billy Joel


Elise said...

Ohhh it sounds like a horribly tiring experience. Our day hasn't ended. There is sometimes no rhyme nor reason is there.

Joanne said...

Agreed. Sometimes we have a fabulous time in stores and I wonder why we don't shop more often.