Monday, March 19, 2012

Lipstick On Your Collar

I had a free makeover the other day at Mashpee Commons in preparation for a dance performance. As someone who doesn't wear make up, it was rather traumatic: foundation, blush, concealer, eyebrow pencils, mascara, lions and tigers and bears - oh my.
I don't know what to think of make up. Is it something I never did because of my feminist college days? Did I give up on make up even before that after some failed attempts with eye shadow in junior high? Was it that I was lucky enough to have a high school boyfriend who was supportive of make up-less girlfriend? Was it sheer laziness?
And why, when you tell someone you never wear make up, do they then finish your make over and ask you when was the last time your husband saw you in make up?
Haven't you been listening?
Then she asked if I had cleanser at home.
Why would I?
Again - what part of "I don't wear make up" are you not understanding here?

song: Lipstick On Your Collar • artist: Connie Francis


Anonymous said...

Its such a joy looking at what songs you come up with. 1959 that's an old. You know they the store bought kind are just programer robots. They have been taught one thing and one thing only. They don't know how to be free, live outside the box. In your world there is not box!

Joanne said...

Hey Jim. It was either Connie Francis or something by the Flaming Lips. In truth this is the second time I've used Lipstick on your Collar so I should have dug deeper to come up with something new. I've also used Little Boxes (Pete Seeger.)