Tuesday, March 20, 2012

These Eyes

When we were in Vermont last month we placed two bets with the Mad River Valley Rotary Club's annual "You Bet Your Life" fundraiser in which participants place bets on when a carefully positioned outhouse, rigged to an alarm, will fall through some local ice.
The internet allowed us to track our bets and C was both excited and crushed to learn that he was less than three hours from guessing the correct date and time of the big spash.
With NaBloMo's theme this month being the word whether - I pondered whether it was easier to take losing a contest of luck by a little or by a lot.

song: These Eyes • artist: The Guess Who


a.eye said...

I think it would be easier to know that you were way off in this case. If I were that close, yes, initially, I would feel great that I was that close, but then I would start wondering why I didn't guess closer.

Joanne said...

I kind of wish they had listed the winning times (it went three deep and they only listed names). Then he would have known if he was fourth in line or if there were lots of guesses b/w his and the winners.