Thursday, May 31, 2012

Car Wash

We won the car wash-themed raffle basket last night at the school art show/ice cream social. C wanted to wash the car when we got home - at 8:30 - in the dark.
Since I said no to that, he was outside instead at 7:15 this morning with his brother, washing both our cars.
If we'd won the backyard barbecue-themed basket instead, do you think he'd have been outside at 7:15 grilling?

song: Car Wash • artist: Rose Royce


Kevin said...

Minion #1 offered to grill burgers the other night...yeah...not quite yet.

Sleepy Joe said...

Is that how you get kids to wash the cars?! Must remeber that one, when is the next raffle I can fix ;-)

Joanne said...

I dunno. I still wish we had won the spa day basket.