Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet City Woman

My favorite Maurice Sendak book was Pierre.
I loved the scene where his parents offer to let him fold the folding chair if he'll just give a darn.
It's just such a random thing.
Name another children's book that mentions folding chairs?
It's like the song Sweet City Woman.
Name another song that mentions macaroons?

song: Sweet City Woman • artist: The Stampeders

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Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom said...

My favorite Maurice Sendak book is Where The Wild Things Are (my son's name is Max), but I love them all. Pierre is one triply, twisted one. Well, they all are. That's what I love about him. Love your blog. I'm a musician and I wanted to title each of my posts with a song title, but wasn't sure I could pull it off. So cool to see you've done that and you do it brilliantly.