Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wild Thing

So the other night I'm reading Where the Wild Things Are to S and N for at least the 100th time.
They get mad at the end if I read the final two words. They like for me to pause after, "and it was…" so they can sing out in unison, "still hot!"
For this particular go round H is sitting on the bed too and we get to the part where Max tires of the wild rumpus, and longs to be "where someone loved him best of all."
And I look at the boys.
And I get a little sentimental.
And I say - who loves Max best of all?
And the three of them look at me blankly.
"Wild Things?"
"No. Not the Wild Things."
"No. Not the Monsters."
"No. Not the boat."
"No. Not the dog."
"Who loves Max best of all?"
"His mother! His mother loves him best of all!! That's why his dinner is still hot!"

song: Wild Thing • artist: The Troggs


Kevin said...

Great book, we were sad when we heard the news. But I can relate with the conversation you had with the kids...

The Girl said...

An amazing book, one of my favorites!

Joanne said...

Hey Kevin,
With all you've got on your place, thanks for checking in.