Monday, May 21, 2012

My Boyfriend's Back

Our veterinarian's college-age daughter has a cat named boyfriend. It's a brilliant name for averting nosey personal questions.
"Well of course I have a boyfriend."
"My boyfriend's at home tonight."
"I'd love to go to that lecture on medieval architecture but I've got to stay home with my boyfriend."
"Too bad my boyfriend couldn't come for Thanksgiving dinner. He really loves turkey."
"My boyfriend's a real tiger - if you know what I mean."

Boyfriend had to move in with the vet and his wife when their daughter's roommate developed allergies. The vet says he doesn't mind having the cat prowl his office and rather enjoys the company.
"I'm in love with my daughter's boyfriend."

song: My Boyfriend's Back • artist: The Angels

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Kevin said...

That is a brilliant name!