Tuesday, June 05, 2012

St. Stephen

I know it's bad form to list the names of your children on your blog. I know this because I have never done it and when I finally looked around at other people's blogs I noticed that they never do it either.
So this little story might lack some punch with names being omitted to protect the innocent but here goes.
As a general rule boy names do not go in and out of fashion like girl names and while I don't think we gave our children common names, I don't think we gave them exceptionally uncommon ones either. Sure, S may be the exception, but it's a good old fashioned New England name. Look back 150 years and this town was swarming with Ss.
That being said it was my eldest son who was crushed to learn recently that while all three of his brothers share their names with saints, he does not. Not only that, there's a Saint Joanne and a Saint Ken. Of course there was a Saint Joseph and a Saint Margaret (his maternal grandparents). There's even a Saint Vivien (his paternal grandmother) - and a Saint Leo (the cat).
I'm waiting for the day when he uses this information against me. I'll ask him to behave and he'll retort, "Whadda you expect? I'm no saint!"

song: St. Stephen • artist: Grateful Dead


Kathy said...

LOL, that is kind of funny actually!! His actions will speak louder than his words whether he is a saint or not. Time will tell!!


Kevin said...

I'm laughing at the fact that you referred to kids as innocent....they're only innocent up to the point where they can move about on their own.


Sleepy Joe said...

Ha ha. I hope my girls don't cotton on to this one!! They have way too many retorts as it is.

dbstevens said...

Plenty of punch, for sure. Maybe even added extra punch, because now I'm googling a list of S saint names and I'm not sure I would have done that otherwise. Loved your story.