Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Hot

Have we really become a nation of people who feel the need to leave their cars running at all times? I saw a man leave his car in the post office parking lot today and run into the P.O., not merely to quickly check his box mind you - but to stand at the window and await a transaction.
 suppose I should be gratified to think that we live in a town where this man feels his vehicle is save idling in a parking lot (Isn't Falmouth Nice?). On the other hand it was a company car so maybe he didn't give a hoot whether or not it was stolen, merely that it was still cool when he got back into it.
People sit in parking lots and idle in the winter in order to keep the heat on. In summer it's to keep the AC going. Come on folks, live a little! There's nothing like a little sweat or a good shiver to let yourself feel alive. It seems like we've all become a little to used to climate control while the planet's climate fluctuations continue to increase.

song: Too Hot • artist: Kool & the Gang

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