Monday, January 21, 2013

Kiss on My List

In anticipation of the release of her book, Jamie Ayers is encouraging bloggers to post the 18 items (give or take) on their own personal bucket lists.
Generally speaking I'm against bucket lists. Adhering to one makes it seem like the point of life is to race from one bucket item to the next. 
There are folks who take up running, run their first 5K, and then sign up for a marathon. Why not just enjoy a jog?
There are 67 entries on the AMC's list of 4,000-foot mountains in New England. You can download an official application in order to become a member of the club. After you check off all your mountains you can buy yourself an official t-shirt and attend the club's awards dinner in April. But what about climbing the same mountain 67 times instead and getting to know it really well - finding something different to notice every time?
On the other hand, if people want to march though life armed with a checklist, who am I to stay it's not the way to go?
Besides maybe I'm being extreme. It's good to set goals. In fact I could probably use a few myself.
Eighteen eh?
1. Take my kids to Niagra Falls, Washington DC, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Gettysburg and the Bay of Fundy.
2. Take my kids camping - in a tent.
3. Live in the moment.
4. Visit the Titanic Historical Society in Springfield.
5. Visit the Pacem in Terris Museum and the Storm King Art Center in New York.
6. Attend a Zen retreat.
7. Finish all the half-finished projects before I start new ones
8. Work on my Etsy site.
9. Get to one of my sister's art openings.
10. Take some classes at the Cotuit Center for the Arts
11. Make and can jams and dill beans, make ketchup.
12. Submit more articles for publication.
13. Write that historical fiction piece I've been thinking about.
14. Get those photo albums up to date.
15. Outwit the rabbits and moles and expand my garden.
16. Visit Sonoma County.
17. Visit National Parks out West. Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches. See giant redwoods.
18. Go to bed at 10:30 so I can read in bed for an hour.

song: Kiss on My List • artist: Hall and Oats


Ashley said...

Im not keen on the bucket list thing either, but I have a wish list . Things I wish to do. My number one is take the kids to Disney World! My number two we will be doing as soon as my smudgekin is old and tall enough - swim with dolphins. There are lots of others too, some of which we do all the time. They are the things that make us who we are! I love the go to bed at 10:30 so you can read for an hour, I do that too!

Winnie said...

I don't care for bucket lists as I don't like the idea of making a list about what to do before your "death". Ugh...I do have a book where I keep my goals and places and things I would like to try "someday". I have accomplished 4 of 20 so far and it is a fun and positive way to look at it for me. Your list has a lot of items I would love to do. I used to tent camp often with my late hubby, but this hubby won'd consider it..Hmmm..Maybe I can do it alone for a weekend! Thanks for inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing! I LOVE your #18:-) And I fear nobody is more far behind in photo albums than yours truly . . . someday before the girls leave for college I will have them done! 18 Things really isn't about a bucket list--more of a life list b/c it's 18 Things to do the year she turns 18, and she's not dying. But I used the bucket for the blogfest b/c everyone understands it and made an easy graphic, lol. I've had a BLAST reading everyone's lists though!!

Larissa T. said...

I need to finish my projects too .. *sigh*

Come to the Canada side of Niagara! It's BEAUTIFUL! (Never been to the NY side, so I might be a tad bit biased..hehe)

Thanks for linking up!

Joanne said...

Thanks Larissa, We'd definitely do both sides of the falls! And Winnie, there are lots of camping options now a days (my husband's not much into tent camping). We've stayed at a few AMC lodges that are sort of camping lite.

Deshipley said...

I'm not generally too wild about bucket lists either, mainly due to the cold reality that I could fall down dead at at any moment and, knowing me, my last raging thought would be, "Dang it, now I feel like a failure because I didn't follow through on my plans!" So I guess these lists are healthier for people who need a push to get things done, as opposed to we people who might do well to push ourselves a little less. Even so, dreaming is fun. (:

i am mama lola said...

there are lots of items on your list that i like.... camping in a tent with kids is FUN, do it! and all those amazing places you want to visit sound amazing! we did bay of fundy last summer and it was incredible. niagara falls is good too! i would love to see the redwoods too.
oh, where will the time come from to fit all of these fun adventures??

have fun!

Tara Adams said...

" But what about climbing the same mountain 67 times instead and getting to know it really well - finding something different to notice every time?"

I love that question. Thanks for the read.

Kathy said...

You have a great bucket list. I just live each day as it comes and take it for what it is. Have never really been big on lists. If I am meant to do it, I will.