Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stairway to Heaven

The twins are into counting. Really into counting. You might say they are in their counting phase. They especially like to count to 100 when we are in the car. But also they love to count staircase steps.
I know for instance that there are 12 steps making up the stairs in our house, 20 at the rec center, 12 going downstairs at the Woods Hole Community Hall, 7 leading in to the Woods Hole Library, and 14 leading from the first level of the library to the basement. 
I especially like how they'll count the steps repeatedly - just in case the number changes.
We were on our way to the library this afternoon and there was general chaos ensuing in the back of the car. As I turned onto Old Palmer Avenue Led Zepplin came on the classic rewind satellite radio station. 
Above the din I yelled, "listen up you guys. This is probably the most requested song of the last quarter of the 20th century."
"That's the 1900s," C corrects me.
"I know," I say.
"I know this song! Rolf Harris sings this," says C.
"This is the original," I correct.
After a few minutes I realize that entire back of the car is quiet Eerily quiet. It's as if everyone's in a trance. I check to see if they are all asleep but no one is. 
OMG, I realize. Stairway to Heaven is the key to calming down my twins.
Either that or they were dreaming about counting all those stairs.


Ashley said...

I love our kids count everything - can get annoying though, must try the stairway to heaven, wonder if it would put my two in a trance???

Audrey said...

Ha ha! Just had a flashback of the scene in Wayne's World in the guitar store that doesn't allow customers to play that.