Thursday, January 17, 2013

Radio Nowhere

Surely everyone is wondering how the Save WMVY Radio campaign is going. 
The station has raised almost $500,000 out of the $600,000 it needs to fund itself for it's first year as a commercial free internet station.
Let me just say upfront I'm hugely for saving the station. It's depressing to listen to NPR all the time, and the folk station (despite what Gene says) kind of drones after a while.
This week MVY started playing sound clips from musicians who love the station. The clips all go something like "WMVY supported me, now it's your turn to support them." 
And this seems odd to me. Shouldn't the sound bite say "WMVY supported me - now I'm supporting them?" Are these musicians who supposedly got their start on MVY donating money to the station? I suspect they are but it isn't being mentioned. I suppose because people like me will assume that the Carly Simons, Bonnie Raitts, and Lyle Lovetts of the world will just take care of things and therefore we don't need to step up and pledge.
At any rate my money's with the station, literally and figuratively, and I hope whether you're an on-line listener, my neighbor down the street, or James Montgomery, yours is too.

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