Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Child O' Mine

Here's what I think about your right to bear arms. If you want to exercise your second amendment rights you should be issued a musket and a hunk of lead that you could then melt down and pour into a musket ball mold in order to create some nice musket balls for your gun. These you would be able to load and fire out of your musket at a rate of two, possibly three, per minute.
These are the arms your founding fathers used. This is what they had in mind when they said you had a right to bear arms.
If you want something more than what your founding fathers had - you'd better be prepared to have a thorough background check and to give a damn good reason.

song: Sweet Child O' Mine • artist: Guns N' Roses

ps. wash your hands after making those musket balls - lead's toxic.


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Winnie said...

Awesome post! I agree, our founding fathers had no idea what type of high powered firearms we would eventually have at disposal. Hunting for food, protection of property, NOT slaughtering masses.

Joanne said...

Agreed Winnie. I believe the founding fathers would be appalled.