Friday, October 06, 2006

Hanging by a Thread

What's funnier that Seinfeld reruns after two glasses of wine? Watching a pre-schooler eat a mini-powdered doughnut that's hanging from a piece of dental floss without using his hands.
It all started at Noelle's birthday party. Noelle's dad, a great master of ceremonies, lined all the little kids up next to their respective doughnuts and made them put their hands in their pockets. To add another layer of difficulty, all the doughnuts got a little push so they were swinging.
None of the kids could do it. It was hysterical. Ten three-year-olds covered in powdered sugar, bobbing and weaving in vain.
It would have gone in indefinitely except our favorite bad boy from daycare finally gave up and cheated. Come to think of it, he cheated at pin the tail on the kite as well.
Not long after the party, at my son's urging, we had to buy our own box of mini-powdered doughnuts and my son took to practicing in the back yard after dinner with the doughnut on a string tied to the clothes line. When it got too dark or the mosquitoes started coming out, we took it indoors and hung the doughnut in the doorway to the guest bedroom.
He's getting a lot better at it. He should be a real contender at next year's party.

song: Hanging by a Thread • artist: Nickel Creek

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Anonymous said...

Your links are rather socialist.

If you don't like capitalism go live in Cuba. Or China. By the way, the 60's are over. Socialism is dead.

Addendum: the U.S. is not really socialist, but a mercantilistic society (which means, like most everything government has intervened to make society much, much worse. There is no market where government is not involved.)