Saturday, October 14, 2006

On The Street Where You Live

Okay everyone, here is the geography lesson for today.
My friend Christine has just left a teaching position in Osaka for one in Bratislava.
Osaka you may remember from the movie "Black Rain" is in Japan. Bratislava, for those of you who did not know (I didn't) is the capital of Slovakia. For those of you who still can't place it, Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia until 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Still in the dark? It's in Europe, next to Austria and above Hungary.
Having friends who travel has helped improve my knowledge of geography.
Over her ten-year stay in Japan I got postcards, and from some of the better locations even floaty pens, from Guam, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey, Saipan, and Malaysia.
Now that she's in a different part of the world I expect vacation greetings from other exotic locations. Since she's closer to the United States now I don't have to try and mail her Christmas present on November 1st - not that I ever managed to do it anyway. Ironically, I was out today researching my story on holiday gifts ideas for teachers when I found (and bought) the perfect gift! Now if I can just manage not to loose it between now and December.

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