Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Way

Dear Jeff,
Forcing someone else to share my views? Are you kidding? Am I going door to door? Am I standing on a street corner holding a sign? Is your computer screen frozen on this blog? It's a blog - my blog - of course you're going to get my opinion but I can't possibly be forcing it on you.
You seem to be a pretty opinionated fellow yourself. Maybe this would help you out.

song: My Way • artist: Frank Sinatra


Anonymous said...

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is rooted in socialist ideals. By supporting groups like that, whether you agree or not, you are trying to dictate what people do. Your group is angry over P Diddy signing a deal with Burger King and "Nagging Dolls" being promoted and sold at Wal-Mart. How do they push for their position? Through lobbying Congress (socialist tactic) and letter writing - that group is ridiculous and their stances on issues are laughable. It may not be as blatant as holding a sign on the street, but it is still the same.

And by the way... didn't you write this statement? (hmmm... you list a few things you want people to do and don't want people to do. You want people to shop at local stores for instance. I assume you mean small stores. Well, perhaps those stores don't offer the convenient prices that Wal-Mart does. And why would you even care whether someone shops less? People's shopping styles are their own.)

those TVs above the supermarket salad bar, on the subway, and in the bank; Elmo on my child's diapers, Bus Radio, Channel One, product placement in teen and adult novels, and The Gap printed on the bottom of my child's socks that drive me nuts. I don't want government to control this, I want people to stop buying into it as part of popular culture. Shop locally. Shop less. Stop buying things you don't need even if they're on sale, even if they're two-for-one. Stop saving for Disney World and enjoy life right now.

By the way, I can't wait to buy a nagging doll this year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,
you seem to have nothing better to with your time than make big deals out of nothing. Perhaps this is how you get your kicks? goodness...find a real cause to fight for, instead of wasting your time ranting about someone's BLOG...Lord have mercy...isn't there something else to watch tv, hey it's the playoffs! enjoy them!