Friday, October 20, 2006

Time is on My Side

We got my son his first watch yesterday. He’s been asking for a while. I put it on the wrong arm as it’s been 20 years since I wore a watch. They’ll probably be obsolete soon, everyone can just find out what time it is by checking their cell phones.
Anyway, now that he has a watch he’s the town crier. He can’t tell what time it is, unless it’s exactly on the hour so first he’ll ask you what time it is and you reply, “it’s five-thirty. Then he’ll walk into the computer room and announce:
“Guess what, Daddy, it’s five-thirty!
This went on all day yesterday.
“Guess what, Daddy, it’s five-forty five!
“Guess what, Daddy, it’s almost six o’clock!”
“Guess what, Daddy, it’s six o’clock!
When Ken carried him back to his own bed in the middle of the night he was awake enough to press the button and illuminate the clock face.
“Daddy. It’s not morning yet.”

song: Time in on My Side • artist: The Rolling Stones

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