Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rescue Me

Hats off to the three women who got out of their cars tonight at 5:30 to help a swan who was stuck in the grassy triangle at the intersection of Routes 28 and 149. The traffic on 149 came to a stop and the three women herded the swan back towards the pond.
I have been told that swans are mean and territorial but it still warmed my heart to witness an act of kindness during rush hour. I don't think the women had any sort of plan when they stopped, I don't even think they all knew each other. They might have had second thoughts when they got over to the bird; swans sure look a lot bigger out of the water. Maybe it would have made it on its own I can't imagine anyone actually hitting a swan. Still the women deserve some recognition for coming to the aid of a fellow creature in distress.
Unfortunately, on my way home from the 4Cs I saw, in my headlights, a frog trying to cross MacArthur Boulevard. He was half was across when I saw him but there was a lot of traffic behind me.

song: Rescue Me • artist: Aretha Franklin

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