Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just the Way You Are

Dear Jeff,
I appreciate your opinion, or that is, the opinion of Llewellyn Rockwell. What you sent me is far longer than anything I've ever posted on the blog so I chose not to include it as a comment. I don't think anyone will read it all the way through. I did, and found it to be obtuse; do you even know what a kulturkampf is? I had to look it up. Anyone who is interested in Mr. Rockwell's politics can find them at his website.
You seem to be under the impression that I'm for government controlling everything and I don't know where you got that idea.
I'm also not anti-advertising, I work for the newspaper for Pete's sake. My background is in graphic design which includes, among other things, creating advertising. I'm very much for local businesses and so I'm very much in favor of positively promoting them. Comparatively speaking, print advertising is innocuous, meaning I can ignore it if I so choose. It's those TVs above the supermarket salad bar, on the subway, and in the bank; Elmo on my child's diapers, Bus Radio, Channel One, product placement in teen and adult novels, and The Gap printed on the bottom of my child's socks that drive me nuts. I don't want government to control this, I want people to stop buying into it as part of popular culture. Shop locally. Shop less. Stop buying things you don't need even if they're on sale, even if they're two-for-one. Stop saving for Disney World and enjoy life right now.
Yes, it is my job as a parent to guard what influences my kids as Mr. Rockwell points out. It's difficult to do, that's what gives me cause to "rant," it's the name of the blog remember? This is all just my opinion of course, if you don't like it I won't be as harsh as you were and suggest you move to Cuba - but it won't hurt my feelings any if you keep clicking on "next blog" until you find someone you can agree with.

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Jeff said...

Having an opinion is fine, but forcing someone else to share the same views becomes a little heavy handed. In fact, why do you care whether someone saves to go to Disney or buys two of something because of coupons? Why do they have to shop at a small store even though a bigger store may sell their goods and wares at a cheaper price or provide an atmosphere that some even, dare I say, like? Aren't you then dictacting what one should do or how they should act? That is a socialist attitude. It reeks in your links and comes through in your response.

And just because you don't understand one word does not make the writing obtuse. He makes his point clearly. If it's long it is because his readers enjoy it as such. When did writing have to be common?