Friday, January 12, 2007

A Case of You

“All you do is yap yap and say bad, bad, bad, bad,” said Dr. Seuss’s Oncler to the Lorax. The Onceler then lit into the Lorax and told him he was going to go on “doing just what I do.” Which is par for the course for most of us isn’t it? Today, however, just to prove that I’m not always Ms. Negative, here’s a positive observation. I shuffled into town from work for lunch this afternoon and stopped to make appointment with the surgeon who performed my appendectomy. Be forewarned: this is a digression and not the positive observation. I had to physically show up at the doctor’s office to book the appointment because all week I’d tried to call and either gotten the answering service or a busy signal. By stopping in, I was merely checking to see if the doctor’s receptionists were, in fact, alive. Anyway, continuing on my short journey I then stopped at the coffee shop. While standing in line I was delighted to note that both the customer in front of me, the customer behind me, and myself, had all brought our own travel mugs instead of having to use a disposable cup for our afternoon pick me ups. It's guilt-free chai. Bottoms up!

song: A Case of You • artist: Joni Mitchell

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