Sunday, January 07, 2007

What I Am

Dear Gentle Reader,
It may be that I was hard on some people in my posts last week. Taking in on the chin were people who talk on their cell phones at the expense of their children, as well as people who leave their cars running needlessly at everyone's expense.
Perhaps I was a little curt, though in my own defense I'd like to offer that I was suffering from acute lower back pain which later became acute abdominal pain - culminating in an acute appendicitis at the end of the week. And so - my condition may have clouded my judgment and made me crankier than usual.
Yes, I'm aware that there are times when parents must make important cell phone calls in the presence of their children, thereby needing to shush or ignore them. However, I was there and this wasn't one of those times. Plus, I was not rude to this woman. I didn't so much as raise an eyebrow at her because if I had, I'd have to go about with my eyebrows permanently raised since we all talk on our cell phones ad nauseam. My point is, couldn't we all try to do it a little less?
Likewise, I did not stop and chew out the fellow with his car pulled to the side of the road, its engine still running, while he talked to his neighbor as I walked by on my way to drop off my son at daycare.
Nor did I say anything on the return trip ten minutes later when the car was still parked and running. Frankly, it's nice to see neighbors conversing. I do, however, uphold the right to complain about it here in the pages of this blog, which is entitled, incase you've forgotten: The Mommy RANT.
Now I don't always rant mind you. Sometimes I tell warm and fuzzy stories about my adorable children. But, given the title of this blog I reserve the right to rant, defined as "deliver a tirade," whenever I feel like it, inflamed appendix or not. That said, you, gentle reader, are welcome to call me on it when you feel I'm not being fair but I request you come up with an actual argument, something better then "stop worrying about what other people do."
And so, since I'm still pretty sore and grouchy, here's yet another reason not to like Disney.

song: What I Am • artist: Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your appendix. Get well soon and by the way I love your ranting. Sue

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your appendicitis...Get well soon!!! RANT on, it's your right as a Mom...after all, it is
your BLOG!

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you 101% on the cell phones on the playground issue. One, kids love to do the "Mom, look at me" thing ... and two, um, they are CLIMBING up high and there is a certain level of supervision that should come into play.

Don't back down on this one!