Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Tonight my son wanted me to tell him some "good news that was in the paper." After thinking for a long time I told him I cut out a recipe for root vegetables and garlic. Then he wanted to know what a root vegetable was.
Next he wanted to know some "bad news that I read." It was hard to pick; the 14-year-old recently shot in Boston, that football player in Denver, backlash from Saddam's execution, plane crashes, global warming in general. I finally settled for this: "the state legislature might allow a vote on same sex marriage." Then he wanted to know what legislature was. I explained it was the people who represent us and luckily he must have been very tired at this point because he didn't take it any further and went back to bed.
I don't know where any of this came from as I never distinguish "good" news from "bad" news on those rare occasions when I read the paper. I suspect it was merely an effort to stall bedtime. On the other hand perhaps it's my punishment for reading Alex Beam's column during dinner.

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